We have a collection of more than 50 facebook apps. These apps analyze your facebook interactions to arrive at any conclusion about you. Enjoy them, do not take them personally and do not forget to share them
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What is Like-Gating?
Suppose you want, a user can play your app only if he/she has liked your page.
You can Like-gate your app. i.e user can not play your app without liking your page
How to Like-Gate your app?
We have made separate website for like-gating http://likekaro.com
All steps have been explained in the website
Just remember 'destination url' will be your app's link
Follow following steps to promote your apps:

1. Share your app on facebook with your friends. We do not recommend link sharing.
Instead you should upload app's image and put the app's link in the caption of the image. Image posts get maximum impressions

2. Repeat step 1 on various pages and you can also send direct emails

3. If you have some budget, you can also advertise using facebook advertisement